Amiga Serial Transfer Part 2


Amiga Serial Transfer Part 2

What we have from part 1

In the first part you ended up with floppy disk storing the transdisk file you transferred via serial.

Get your linux pc ready and connected to the amiga before switching on. Like before get the settigns correct with:

stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 cs8 -parenb -cstopb -crtscts raw speed 9600

The speed could be 9600 or 19200 it just needs to match the amiga, but i found 9600 is super stable on the amiga. Download and store the ADF for Hombre in your previous location.

First thing is to load workbench and then copy the transwarp file to the ram disk from either the workbench disk or the new utility disk by dragging and dropping.

From workbench, make sure serial speed is set to 9600 or 19200, then load shell

transwarp -w ser: -b 9600 -1

The Amiga will ask you to insert your blank floppy disk (make sure it is write enabled with the hole covered then press enter.

On the PC use the command from earlier:

cat Hombre*.adf > /dev/ttyUSB0

This takes about 13 minutes to complete. When you have completed, see if a RADical floppy disk icon appears on the desktop. It is possible to close the shell with:


Write protect the disk by moving the cover so the hole is visible in the corner and reboot.

Homebre should greet you, and then after soem loading it will ask you remove the floppy and press ctrl + A + A for a soft reboot

Once this loads you can now format disks and copy (non copy protected) floppy disk adf via serial with only some small shortcuts, which is very handy.


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Thank you for Hombre Reddit

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