Serial Transfer for a fresh Amiga Part 1


Using serial to transfer files

My Amiga specs:

Tools that I needed

Download the following:


NOTE: the main thing is that the usb serial can plug into the amiga via null modem, thd db25 plugging into the amiga 500/2000/600/1200 needs to be female, and the amiga 1000 is male… correct me if i’m wrong please!

When i was setting up my amiga, i needed a way to get files onto floppy disk. My first instinct was to look up how people used to do it or how people do it now. The first suggestion everywhere was to use Amiga Explorer and a null-modem cable or parallel laplink cable. I had the cable already but being me, i didn’t want to pay for an out of the box solution. I settled on the opportunity cost of DIYing it with free resources was my way forward.

So my raspberry pi was connected to my wifi, my next step was make sure the usb serial adaptor was recognised. In terminal i ran: ls /dev/tty* The USB-serial adaptor was recognised as /dev/ttyUSB0

Then transfer over the following files to the linux directory of your choice i used my /home/pi/ directory.

So with the Amiga and the Pi connected via this contraption. I switched the Amiga on with my backup floppy of Workbench 1.3. I used my backup as the main goal is to copy some more advanced tools over to the floppy disks, some stuff will need to be deleted (i will check mine later)

On the Amiga, once workbench is loaded,

  1. Go to the Prefs drawer/directory and open Serial, most of the settings are okay but it will need to be 9600 baud 8N1, buffer size 1024, RTS/CTS enabled.
  2. Go to to the system drawer/directory in the Workbench icon and open the CLI/Shell program.
  3. In the shell type the following:
type ser: to

Then the PC from a terminal:

stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 cs8 -parenb -cstopb -crtscts raw speed 9600
cat > /dev/ttyUSB0

When the PC is done sending, a new line will appear on the terminal but the amiga is still listening so on the Amiga i smashed Ctrl+C and then on the PC i used the previous cat > /dev/ttyUSB0 command. Then pressed Ctrl+C on the amiga again until it said BREAK

If you look inside Ram Disk you will see Go back to your shell. type in


It errors out but that is okay because it is a buffered file :) Inside Ram Disk you will now see

I dont know how to use baudbandit.device still but i believe it goes in the Devs folders inside the workbench disk and is better than serial.device, but i don’t know how to activate it

I would copy these to a blank floppy disk for now, maybe delete Boing from the copy of your workbench disk and copy there!?

You got this far in less than 1 hour, you done better than me!

Now to try to make your floppy disk from .ADF this is on the 2nd part!


Amiga Explorer

Transwarp & ADF Sender

Wait 6502 Guide - the main one i used

Archive of Rob’s Amiga Page

Useful ADFs

Thank you for Hombre Reddit

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